Breathing therapy and rebirthing

Rebirthing is a breathing technique which helps to achieve state of harmony and clean the body, mind and feelings from stress.  

The point of rebirthing is that a person breaths rhythmically and continuously in presence of rebirthing specialist. During such session energy releases a person from tension and accumulated stress.

Rebirthing works in all levels: physical, psychical and spiritual. In physical level a ratio of carbon monoxide and oxygen amount in blood change and this affects balance of other chemical elements in the body, consequently general state and function of all organs improve, organism starts cleaning. Rebirthing touches the deepest layers of conscious and subconscious mind. When you breathe deeply and correctly, stress accumulated during many years comes out and the healing begins. In spiritual level rebirthing heals soul because it changes attitude towards life, thoughts, goals. Rebirthing increases joy of life and mental activity, gives energy and vigour. The most important – it provides vital energy because harmonizes its flow by energetic channels.
Rebirthing can be applied:
• to those who suffer from physical disorders;
• to those who suffer from chronic diseases: migraine, asthma, epilepsy etc.;
• neutralizing effect of narcosis;
• when relationship with loved ones and people around is deteriorated;
• if you want to “wake” natural abilities;
• to realize yourself better;
• to relax;
• if you want to be happier;
• to cure depression;
• to get rid of various fears and anxiety;
• to give up bad habits;
• to beat insomnia;
• when you feel lack of strength and joy of living.

How it is performed
S. Povilaitis has been working as a master of rebirthing under oriental system since 1996. The rebirthing sessions conducted by him are strong and effective. Rebirthing is classified to general nature and centred to specific problems or periods of life. During rebirthing breath work of different intensity is practiced. A course of rebirthing consists of 10 lessons, which can be completed individually, under supervision of rebirthing specialist or taking part in his group lessons.