Amulets, talismans

Amulet is a protector from a disease, bad luck, bad person, bad eye. It warns about disaster, intuitively with its vibrations affects a person as a brake encouraging to consider the actions better, quickly leave a dangerous place etc. It often affects one narrow area of life.
Talisman attracts luck and other good things in life and affects wider area of life. In the background of human and talisman, the best personal features intensify, some skills form, e.g.: a wish to lead, win, achieve personal happiness etc.

Talismans and amulets are made of various materials: leather, various fibres, wood, also of metals (copper, silver, bronze, gold and platinum). They are often encrusted with precious stones. A talisman of amulet may be a precious stone or semiprecious mineral.

The stones or minerals should be picked individually by a specialist because what is good for one, won’t be good for another. Especially you should be careful with precious stones: diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, sapphires. Usually the minerals which are capable to give much, also require much. Various symbols are used to strengthen the power of amulet or talisman.

When a specialist selects stones, metal and symbols individually, you can bring them to jeweller and order a amulet or talisman.