Reiki training

Reiki training system includes three degrees of levels defining qualification of a person in Reiki training system.

First Reiki level allows a person to become a conductor of Reiki energy and allows Reiki energy to flow by physical contact, i.e. by placing hands on yourself, other person, an animal or thing.
Second Reiki level allows a person to send Reiki energy from a distance. Using Reiki symbols it is possible to send energy to any spot of space and time, heal from a distance, new prospects of spiritual development are opening. Obtained knowledge and energy skills induce self-discipline, conscious development process, bigger responsibility of person for his actions and even thoughts. Energetic skills of Reiki practioner increase. He becomes able to transfer through himself more Reiki energy in a shorter time.
Third Reiki level. It is also called a Master level. During it a person is enabled to teach other people, initiate to the channel of universal vital energy. Third Reiki level is divided into two parts:
• Reiki Master Healer level,
• Reiki Master Teacher level.

(Duration of the seminar two days, 4 hours each)
• Reiki system theory: description, history, philosophy and advantages.
• Reiki level I: theory.
• First initiation.
• Reiki level I sessions.
• Second initiation.
• Homework – session for yourself.
• Homework discussion
• Reiki level I sessions.
• Third initiation.
• Self-guided work.
• Reiki level I sessions.
• Fourth initiation.
• End of the seminar, grant of certificates, home works.

(Duration of the seminar 4 – 5 hours)
• Reiki symbols and their origin.
• Reiki level II symbols: their spelling, meaning and use.
• Particularity and variety of Reiki level II healing sessions.
• Reiki level II sessions.
• Initiation.
• End of the seminar, grant of certificates, home works.

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