Fito candles for the ears

Natural measure of various nations – fito candles for the ears are used to relieve ears, throat, nose disorders, headache, migraine and dizziness. 

Fito candles have a calming effect and improve sleep, anti-stress effect, they reduce spasms of head muscles and blood vessels. Special candles work in “chimney” principle, because burning in ear creates vacuum and extracts all dirt, toxins and other harmful material to the surface. Burning candle helps to equalize pressure in head and ears so relieving the symptoms of cold, sinusitis, flue, various inflammations, headache, ringing in ears. Most of people after candle therapy experienced improved hearing and sense of smell.
How it is performed
This procedure is completely painless and even pleasant. A person feels warmth and hears calming spitting of fire. The procedure is not difficult: a person lies on his side, a candle is carefully place into ear canal and burnt. Fito candles are preventively used once per month, in case of diseases – every second day for 10 days. If a person is suffering from chronic diseases – fito candles are used for one month 2 times a week. If necessary, the course is repeated after 10 days.